Saturday, 10, July, 2021

High water flow in Saptakoshi, When India did not open all the doors, there was panic in the locals

Dharan: As the water level in Saptakoshi River is high this year, panic has spread among the residents of the area around Koshi.

Chief District Officer of Sunsari, Umesh Kumar Dhakal, said that the flow of water in Saptakoshi was high after continuous rains in the hilly districts for weeks. He informed that the water flow in Saptakoshi reached 221,475 cusec per second on Saturday morning. Chief District Officer Dhakal said that the water level in Saptakoshi was high and residents of the area around Koshi were alerted.

The Saptakoshi River is considered dangerous when the flow of water reaches 150,000 cusecs per second. A red light has been lit at Saptakoshi Barrage as a sign of danger as the water level in Saptakoshi River is high. The people of Sunsari, Udaipur and Saptari have been living in fear due to high water level in Saptakoshi.

Despite high water levels, the Indian government has opened only 29 of the 56 Koshi Barrage gates. It is said that even when the Chief District Officer requested to open 40 doors, India refused to open the doors. According to the locals, the water supply has been blocked due to non-opening of all the gates.

Secretary of the Koshi Victims’ Struggle Committee, Baburam Karki, said that the people around Koshi were scared as not all the gates were opened in the Koshi Barrage under the control of the Indian government. He demanded the government to open all the gates of Koshi Barrage and make arrangements for the public to spend the night with confidence even when the water level is high.